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Active Directory Last Login Date Not Accurate

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How to Find a User’s Last Logon Time

    Jan 28, 2017 · Every time you log into a computer that is connected to Active Directory it stores that users last logon date and time into a user attribute called lastlogon. Let’s check out some examples on how to retrieve this value. TIP: The lastlogon attribute is the most accurate way to check active directory users last logon time. There is also the ...Author: Robert Allen

Incorrect LastLogonTimeStamp Value of user in Active ...

    Feb 04, 2016 · Incorrect LastLogonTimeStamp Value of user in Active Directory. Ask Question 3. I'm using LastLogonTimeStamp property of user in Active Directory to get the Last logon date time, Value isn't consistent, Any one else faced same issue? Can we trust the LastLogonTimeStamp? ... I'm need the last login date, I dont think i can use the password age. ...

Understanding the AD Account attributes - LastLogon ...

    Understanding the AD Account attributes - LastLogon, LastLogonTimeStamp and LastLogonDate There seems to be a large argument between some of systems administrators we have worked with about the best way to determine exactly how an Active Directory account is stale or not.

LastLogonDate not reporting correct information ...

    LastLogonTimeStamp is a field that is replicated, but is only updated when the LAST time it was updated is over 2 weeks ago. So if you log in 2 days later it WILL NOT update. This field was meant to be used to locate stale accounts. lastLogon is the only accurate field in Active Directory for when a user logs in.

LastLogon vs LastLogonTimeStamp

    Both are Active Directory Schema attributes which are used to hold an user's Last Logon Time in two different ways. LastLogon is the Non-Replicable attribute. It means the value of this attribute is specific to a Domain Controller; LastLogonTimeStamp is the Replicable attribute but this attribute is not updated every time a user successfully ...

Get Last Logon Date For All Users in Your Domain

    Jun 18, 2018 · We’ll get to the automation of the term procedure in another post but this should be done. For one, it’s a huge SOX violation and two, it gives you a better overview of what’s in your environment. So for this, we will use the LastLogonDate and LastLogon attributes in Active Directory to get last logon date for users in your domain.5/5(17)

“The LastLogonTimeStamp Attribute” – “What it was designed ...

    Apr 15, 2009 · We have a request to determine the last login info. for users who only use Outlook Web Access. ... Joeware’s oldcmp comes to mind and its free. A search for inactive accounts + "active directory" will give you a lot of examples of scripts and tools. ... It happans ONLY if the date when this uesr last logged on was within 14 days after its ...

[SOLUTION] ad accurate last login - Experts Exchange

    does the output of net user username /domain give an accurate last login to the domain, or a last login when logging in via a specific domain controller? If its only per DC, how can you get an...

How to display last login user account in active directory

    Jun 03, 2012 · actually i wanna find last login all of users in domain, because i didn't find last login field in active directory users and computers. not for last login user account in active directory server. is that script take many utility on that server ? because my AD has many users account domain. i'm afraid it makes my server going slow.

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